I’ve known Charlie for almost 6 years, have been doing her classes for over 4 years and they are the most enjoyable form of exercise I’ve ever done! Her classes are fun and exciting with a friendly atmosphere and I always finish with a smile on my face, whatever day I’ve had. Charlie is the most positive and motivational person I’ve ever met and I always trust her to give me the best workout. She really cares about her clients and wants the best for them not just in her classes but also on a long term basis. I would 100% recommend Charlie’s Sodafit classes to anyone looking for a high energy, positive workout!

- Issy U

OMG! It was amazing! Charlie took the time to get to know about our bride! The whole event went so well, she was so shocked and everyone got involved! None of us except the bride could dance, but it was still so fun!

- Bridesmaid

I started sodafit classes/ & Personal Training, 18 months ago and absolutely love how encouraging Charlie is! Her classes motivate me through my fitness journey and I have lost 10kg and dropped 2 dress sizes. Smash your goals like me training with Charlie!

- Kate L

I throughly enjoyed personal training sessions with Charlie.  She would push me hard to achieve my best at every session but still managed to keep it fun at the same time. I would finish each session feeling great and super sweaty! She has helped me to achieve my goal of getting fitter and stronger. Thank you so much Charlie.

- Arti P

Charlie – thank you so much. Your online classes have been an absolute godsend during lockdown. I wasn’t exercising a huge amount before, and always struggled to maintain new exercise regimes. But your dance-inspired classes have given me a newfound love for exercise as they’re weirdly enjoyable. They fuel your LOVE for music and dancing, while supporting your body into shape. They’ve actually made me excited to exercise. Plus, you energy and passion is infectious! They’ve turned low moods into highs, and they’ve provided a way for my friends and I to stay connected and bond over something from afar. I’m truly grateful. Thank you!

- Georgia G

Best trainer ever! Charlie is a phenomenal fitness trainer. Her expertise, enthusiasm and dedication to her clients is remarkable. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivating and caring. Her workouts are challenging and effective.

- Sejal

I’ve been doing Charlie’s classes for around 6 months and I absolutely love them! Anyone that knows me well knows that I had no interest in exercising or keeping fit whatsoever but once I joined Charlie’s classes she completely changed my mindset and I have never felt so great about myself!! Her classes are so motivating and fun, I never have to think twice about joining her class! She is so energetic and motivating, And most of all I love her positivity. She makes you feel great!! I would most definitely recommend her classes.

- Seema

I’d never really been keen on exercise or keeping fit but when I got engaged 2 years ago I wanted to improve my fitness and work towards losing weight for the wedding and in general. Charlie made exercise so fun and entertaining by planning different types of sessions each time. She always tailored sessions to the goals we had set at the beginning. Her energy and enthusiasm makes exercising enjoyable and not the chore I initially associated exercise with. I managed to achieve my goal weight and want to continue exercising with Charlie to stay fit and healthy! Hands down, the best PT I’ve ever had. Would recommend to all!

- Lukshmie

IMG 1295

Charlie has been my PT for nearly a year now and she has completely changed my mindset in relation to exercise and being healthy. Despite being pretty active throughout school and uni with different sports, after graduating I was completely lost with how to carry on being active, as I used to dread going to the gym because I had no idea what to do there. Doing sessions with Charlie made me feel so much more confident, not just in the gym, but in myself in general. Her PT sessions and classes are so brilliant because they make you work hard but also are so much fun! Her classes never fail to put me in a better mood, even when I’m feeling really exhausted and low. I would recommend Sodafit to anyone of any ability, for classes that make you sweat and smile and for a trainer who really cares about every single one of her clients!

- Ellie S