Hen Party

Organising your best friend’s hen party?

We offer tailored parties, simply give us details of your bride to be, and we will take it from there!

Surprise the Bride or Groom

These girls sure know their bride to be!

As a child their bride loved ballet, the bridesmaids dug out her old leotard, they blind folded her and brought her to the studio where she and the whole hen party would take part in a ballet class where she was the star of the show. They drank, they danced, and we got video of the whole event.

Not your normal hen party, but defiantly one to remember!

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First Dance

SoDaFit provides a wide range of dance styles for you to spice up your wedding routine, and impress your guests! SoDaFit will prepare you for your first dance, getting you confident and ready to ensure its memorable for you and your guests. You will leave with a personalised choreography, individual attention, own choice of song/songs (mix up optional).

Whether you want to use the dance routine for your special day, or just want it for you and your other half to take the stress away from wedding planning and do something fun in prep for the day!

Make your dream wedding special.

Are you nervous about your first dance?

Why not let SoDaFit take care of it for you?

Have a wedding dance which you and your guests will remember forever!


Want to surprise your wedding couple?

Want to surprise your bride/ with the help of your groomsmen?

Learn a personalised dance routine to the astonishment of your wife to be! Alone, or with the help of your groomsmen/ushers.

Or groomsmen do you want to surprise the happy couple on their day with a specialised routine?

Whats included?

Schedule to work around you

Your own choice of location

Consultation briefing to get to know your bride/groom to help personalised the routine

Personalised choreography to a song of your choice/ mix of songs

Get you ready and confident for your performance

The aesthetics comes second, you come first.

Nostalgic throwback tunes to get your pumped & distract yourself from the intensity you are putting your body through

Distracting you from the toughness, and hard work of working out. Showing you how you can achieve results, and push yourself beyond what you think is achievable by distraction.