Personal Training

You are the change you need to become

You can become that person you aim to be, and SoDaFit will guide you to understand what your journey path needs to be. SoDaFit will help you build that positive mindset, and motivate you through this change for life.

The key to training with Charlie is to push yourself to a point which challenges you, and makes you work beyond what you thought was previously possible. You’ll start pushing yourself because you are enjoying what you’re doing and how it makes you feel (if not during, after!).

For a private and uniquely tailored experience, SoDaFit aims to transform your confidence, happiness, mood, lifestyle with an added bonus in transforming your body too! SoDaFit will help you find ‘you’ again, we are in this relationship together!

There is so much information online; you know what a healthy diet looks like, you know what you should be doing to lead a healthier lifestyle.

So what can SoDaFit offer you?

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A special client / trainer relationship;

Charlie offers one-to-one personal training and guidance unique to you, through a special client and trainer relationship. Charlie aims to get to know your likes, dislikes, who you want to be and the barriers you may have. With all this confidential information gained through a consultation and the continuing relationship, Charlie will help you become the best version of yourself.

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SoDaFit creates habits for you; start doing things, don’t stop doing things.

My personal training services are the result of years of experience, creating bespoke workouts, great transformations both physically and mentally, and creating sustainable healthy habits for my clients.

My services allow clients to not only achieve their ideal physique but also gives them healthier energy to be more positive & confident in themselves.

What to expect?

We will make changes to your routine, they will be gradual, but will lead to a great, long lasting transformation. Together we will erase the negative habits that are holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.

You will become more active, stronger and fitter.

Charlie aims to inspire, motivate, and most importantly get you excited about this change, making it a fun and enjoyable process.

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