Adult Classes

When you join a SoDaFit class you are immediately joining a family of individuals looking to better themselves, build their confidence, and be the best they can be! SoDaFit classes give you that push, and that burn that you need in a fun way!

Are the SoDaFit classes for you?

Are you looking for a fun fresh workout?
Do you want the time to go faster while you workout?
Do you need a stress outlet?
Do you want to be part of a growing community/family and meet people?
Do you want a positive safe space?

Attend fun, intense, energetic SoDaFit classes and fall in love with exercise!

See your confidence increase as you smash through your mental barriers, and insecurities.

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Our Classes

We have different class themes, such as; 90’s Boybands, 80’s aerobics, SoDaFit Burn, Girlband, 70’s, SoDaBox and more! With each class using these upbeat, nostalgic and loved songs you feel you’re at a disco, when really SoDaFit is guiding you through intense workout routines. You will make progress week by week, and truly see your improvements, both physically and mentally.

The songs with the routines, expertly guided by Charlie, make you unaware of just how hard you are really working! The original choreography provides the perfect balance of cardio, toning and strength. Each routine is designed to get you out your head and into your body.

The routines offer you progressions and varying levels of intensity making them suitable for all.

SoDaFit Tabata

Tabata is a Hiit style workout. You will perform the exercise given for 20seconds with a 10second rest period. This class targets the whole body, improves speed, and intensity. This is perfect if you are someone who struggles to find time to exercise as the classes are 35mins long.

SoDaFit Boyband

Try this 90’s boyband full body class. With a mixture of strength, and cardio routines. SoDaFit has created workout routines to the best classics of the 90’s, helping push you through each track!


This boxing influenced classes mixes strength exercises, boxing combos and cardio  to create specialised tracks to get your whole body working. The playlist consists of ‘boxing ring tracks’, ‘walk out songs’ and well known tracks to motivate through.

SoDaFit Burn

SoDaFit Burn

Try this super strength building class using minimal equipment and bodyweight! SoDaFit puts exercises to the beat of the music helping push you past your limits in this full body strength and cardio workout. Each track targets either upper body, lower body, core with elements of cardio too!

SoDaFit Burn
Girlband Booty

SoDaFit Girlband Booty

Want to work on your lower body entirely? This is the class for you, with each track tailored to strengthen and tone your lower body; in particular target those glutes! SoDaFit has chosen the best girl band songs to create an upbeat motivating class playlist.

80's Aeorbics

SoDaFit 80’s Aerobics

This class is for everyone! This is an upbeat, fun and effective aerobics workout, using the best songs from the 80’s to get you working hard! There is no floorwork in this class. This class will have you sweating and working hard without even realising as it’s such fun!

80's Aeorbics
Stretch Class Or

SoDaFit Stretch

This class is great if you are looking to increase your flexibility, and loosen up those tight muscles. SoDaFit will take you through a range of stretching sequences, with elements of yoga, and Pilates incorporated into this class.

Sodafit also offers:

SoDaFit offers private group classes at your desired location (garden, room in your house). Enquire for private group classes.

SoDaFit also offers private class hire! Grab your friends and split the cost for a weekly SoDaFit class! Contact to request a day/time!

*Classes are pre-paid and are non-refundable.


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