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We highlight the fun in fitness. We aim to show you that bettering yourself, and making the lifestyle change to a happier you can be done in a fun, unique way. You’ll love working for it. Once you start this lifestyle change with SoDaFit, you will never look back. SoDaFit prides itself in creating a fitness environment which is fun, friendly & inclusive. SoDaFit gives you an escape from your everyday life stresses and allows you to immerse yourself in this feel good environment. You will leave every time keen to come back to continue your fitness journey.

Charlie has been my PT for nearly a year now and she has completely changed my mindset in relation to exercise and being healthy. Despite being pretty active throughout school and uni with different sports, after graduating I was completely lost with how to carry on being active, as I used to dread going to the gym because I had no idea what to do there. Doing sessions with Charlie made me feel so much more confident, not just in the gym, but in myself in general. Her PT sessions and classes are so brilliant because they make you work hard but also are so much fun! Her classes never fail to put me in a better mood, even when I’m feeling really exhausted and low. I would recommend Sodafit to anyone of any ability, for classes that make you sweat and smile and for a trainer who really cares about every single one of her clients!

Ellie S

Personal Training

OMG! It was amazing! Charlie took the time to get to know about our bride! The whole event went so well, she was so shocked and everyone got involved! None of us except the bride could dance, but it was still so fun!



I started sodafit classes/ & Personal Training, 18 months ago and absolutely love how encouraging Charlie is! Her classes motivate me through my fitness journey and I have lost 10kg and dropped 2 dress sizes. Smash your goals like me training with Charlie!

Kate L

Classes, Personal Training

Best trainer ever! Charlie is a phenomenal fitness trainer. Her expertise, enthusiasm and dedication to her clients is remarkable. She is extremely knowledgeable, motivating and caring. Her workouts are challenging and effective.



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